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Special USCCA Instructor Live Training Package! 

Take advantage of the
'Eye-Brain Edge'
to help your students find the dot fast and shoot better than ever!

This is a must read!

"This book is the best organized and most comprehensive treatment of the pistol mounted optic in service use currently available.  The sections on vision physiology, brain function and neurological training are well articulated and particularly valuable for the serious professional trainer and user. This is a must read!"

Wayne Dobbs, Ret.

Retired Richardson TX Police Officer
national, and international LE  firearms instructor

It was like magic!

"Mike taught me a few neuro drills that had an almost instant positive impact. It was like magic!"

Tim Schmidt

Founder and CEO
US Concealed Carry Association

I can't recommend his training enough

"Mike Ox has focused not on rehashing the same thing but on understanding how to get to a higher level of performance on a neurological level.  This training goes beyond any other red dot training available today."

Michael Bane

Orignal (1st 20) USPSA shooter
IDPA co-founder
Steel Challenge co-founder
20+ year firearms TV host, including
"The Best Defense"
Host of "Michael Bane on the Radio" Podcast

We live in the golden age of pistol mounted optics and there are several excellent red dot instructor programs that cover techniques and drills for using a red dot effectively.

As Wayne, Tim, Michael, and several other instructors below will tell you, what you're about to see is very, very different and it will unlock the full potential of any red dot instruction you've received (or developed) until now.

Some have called it a set of "cheat codes," but that's not what it is.

The "Eye-Brain Edge" is a new, innovative process of releasing the brakes on the brain's performance so your students can learn to shoot dramatically better with less effort without changing technique.  

It's based on my 10 years of formal study of neurology (160+ hours of live training last year alone) and best practices from world champion athletes from around the globe as well as three unlikely sources...concussion recovery, stroke recovery, and long Covid recovery.

This is important because, while it may be true that there's not much that hasn't already been figured out for firearms training techniques, there IS a lot of new ground being broken on improving brain performance.

And brain performance is the foundation that all firearms skills are built on.  It's the base of the pyramid.

Here's an example...

Pistol mounted optics reward a shooter for presenting the optic between their dominant eye and the target and there is a time penalty if the presentation is not perfect.

Presenting a pistol so the optic is lined up correctly is simple for many.

But for others, it is not...especially 1-handed, support-hand-only, and when shooting at odd angles.

Telling them to "just go practice more" is setting them up for failure without giving them a step-by-step process to follow.  

Fortunately, there are things we can do in the brain that will create immediate changes in performance in minutes...sometimes seconds to help these shooters.

As an example every firearms instructor does eye dominance testing, but did you know that there are 4 types of eye dominance and most instructors are only using dominance testing that only tells their students whether they're right or left eye dominant?

We've got the obvious 2...right dominant and left dominant, but then we've got "mixed dominance" and "cyclopean dominance!"

Did you know that about 11% of people have cyclopean dominance?  (It's kind of cool)

With cyclopean dominance, the brain takes the images from both eyes and tries to combine them into a hybrid 3rd image that doesn't exist in reality.  The brain sees the world as if it has a 3rd eye in the middle of the forehead and tries to use that hybrid image to aim.  

(Above is a before & after pic of a student of an instructor of an NLEFIA master-instructor who I taught.  He had cyclopean dominance and couldn't hit targets past 10 yards.  This was a game changer for him with both irons and optics.)

When these shooters are told that they're "right eye dominant" or "left eye dominant" it sets them up for frustration.

It results in a lot of misses past 10 yards, and cyclopean dominance doesn't show up in a normal eye dominance test.

Some would say that 11% is too rare to care about, but few would say that left handed shooters are so rare that we should ignore them and they're 9-11% of the population.

There's another 20% who have "shared" or "mixed" dominance that creates a similar issue.

And some who's dominance switches back and forth between their eyes every few seconds!  (talk about frustrating)

In this training, you'll learn how to identify it AND stabilize all 3 of these domiance challenges (and more) to a single eye and start nailing shots with both eyes open with a couple of minutes of simple drills.  

This has saved the careers of multiple officers who could not pass their mandatory quals this year already.

Here's a crazy one...

Ever heard of an "egocenter?"

Few have, but every firearms instructor should be familiar with it.

It doesn't really matter for very many things, but it does for finding the dot quickly with a pistol and getting fast first hits on target.

The egocenter causes people to present their gun between the corner of their eye and the target or the bridge of the nose and their target instead of between their dominant eye and the target.  There's overlap with dominance, but it's different.

With many optics, presenting to the corner of the eye instead of to the pupil of the eye means you may not see the dot.

(You can test this in a mirror with a SIRT, blue gun, or unloaded pistol.  You'll see that, with all but the widest optics, if the reverse sight picture is not lined up with your iris (the blue/brown/green part of your eye) you won't be able to see your dot.)

In the training, you'll learn a fast, simple way to sync up the egocenter and the dominant eye so that shooters automatically present the gun between the dominant eye and their target.

And, yes, this also helps iron sight shooters.

Here's another cool one...

Ever have students do eyes-closed aiming and have them shift their foot position to get them on target?

It's a "natural point of aim" concept...except it's a fragile technique that only works with that foot position. 

You'll learn how to get your students automatically on target in seconds, with a resiliant technique that will allow them to present their gun accurately regardless of what angle they're shooting at or their foot position.

Why's this important?

When people close their eyes and can't aim accurately, it mimics how they'll aim when they're presenting at full speed and don't have time to correct their aim based on what they see.

In order to automatically deliver the dot between the pupil of our dominant eye and the target, we need to have the visual system and the inner ears in agreement on which direction is straight ahead and whether or not we're turning.

That seems obvious, but in practice, it's not.

This relationship between the eyes and ears can get out of whack after a bump to the head, illnesses like Covid, or after taking any of the more than 4,000 medications that say "may cause dizzyness."

In the training, you'll learn how to help shooters sync up these systems FAST to unlock performance faster than what's possible any other way.

You May Be Wondering...
This is kind of crazy.
Who IS This Guy?

My name is Mike (Ox) Ochsner.  Tim and I have been friends since the early days of USCCA and I'm the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards, Real World Gunfight Training, and co-author of the best selling book, Red Dot Mastery with Marcus Custer and Erick Gelhaus. 

I use neurology to help  shooters build more skill--and more resilient skill--in less time than what's possible with traditional firearms training

I'm a master level IDPA shooter with a subcompact Glock 26, a Rangemaster & NRA instructor, a UTM and RBTA Mil/LE force-on-force master instructor, a Force Science Institute Analyst of human factors in lethal force encounters, and a student of performance neurology.

I teach instructors from coast to coast and around the globe how to use cutting edge brain science to help their students learn faster, remember longer, and perform better under stress.

Put all of that together, and it's why I'm known as "The Mad Scientist" of firearms training.

You may have seen me speak at the 2022 or 2023 USCCA Expos...

(One of my presentations from the 2023 USCCA Expo...I've got it recorded.  If you want to watch it, let me know below in the Q&A)

You may be wondering how an instructor is supposed to know this.

Up until now, you weren't.

The only reason I figured it out was because I've been studying neurology for the last 10 years to help recover from WAY too many concussions.

Almost nobody has been teaching these neruological aspects of shooting until recently.

And they've been a game changer for all who have adopted them.

At ILEETA, Simunitions co-founder Ken Murray said that this would be the new standard in teaching in the next 10 years, but for now, instructors who have and know this information will be able to help students that nobody else can in ways that nobody else understands.

Because of my 20 year friendship with Tim and the USCCA, I've got a very special offer for you.

It is a combination of live online training + recordings + slide decks, an autographed copy of my best selling "Red Dot Mastery" book, a full deck of 50+ drill and "cheat" cards, the follow-along course on video, a challenge coin/chip, and more!  All proven to help you be a more effective instructor and shooter than you thought was possible.

This package would be more than $700 if purchased separately, but because of Tim and Rob & the USCCA crew, you can get the entire package for only $147 today!

It’s very, very different than any other red dot training you’ve ever seen before.  A few aspects may be familiar.  Most will be brand new.

Some Of What You'll Learn...

The #1 secret for finding the dot FAST

You can use brute force and do 100s or 1000s of reps OR you can use my simple, quick process and get students dialed in in a few minutes.

A one-shot process to switch from irons to red dot 

While others are struggling for weeks or months to make the switch, you can do it in a single shot.
(This has caused some to bristle and call "B.S."...until they actually see how it's done.)

How to have your iron sight practice transfer to red dots

We want a technique that will let us practice on either irons or a red dot AND have that practice transfer over to performing with either irons or a red dot.

What to do when there's no dot?

You'll learn how to quickly make effective hits when you can't find your dot, when your window's blocked, or if your dot breaks or completely flies off of your gun!  (Hint:  the answer is NOT tall suppressor sights that block half of the window)

Shooting dots with astigmatism, cross-eye dominance, old eyes, or both eyes open

These can all cause problems with shooting pistols...even red dots...and I'll show you how to nail targets if you struggle with these conditions and more.  You'll also learn that a lot of problems are incorrectly blamed on cross-dominance.  You'll learn how to identify and fix these issues fast.

Best red dot solutions for spouses who don't (and won't) train

Sometimes, reality bites.  If you switch your home defense gun to a red dot but your spouse doesn't train enough to be able to find the dot in calm conditions, let alone when lives depend on performance, it's a big problem.  You'll learn how to set up your gun so that you can take advantage of the strengths of a red dot and your spouse won't be slowed down by it.

How to seamlessly integrate point/instinctive/kinestetic aiming and sighted shooting

Both sighted and unsighted shooting have strengths and weaknesses.  You'll learn an integrated system of aiming that gives you the benefits of both while eliminating the weaknesses.

You'll learn how to use the "Eye-Brain Edge" to unlock pent-up performance

Our eyes are the only part of the brain that exists outside of the skull and 80% of our sensory input comes from vision.

When light enters the eyes, 20+ parts of the brain do primary visual processing within thousandths of a second.

If any of those parts of the brain doing visual processing are working at less than 100%...from an injury, illness, or disuse...then we get reduced performance.

They impact balance, pain, muscle tension, our tendency to flinch, reaction time, accuracy of movement, the accuracy of our presentation, speed of movement, our ability to inhibit unwanted actions and pay attention, the number of muscle fibers our brain activates at one time, and more...much more.

The "Eye-Brain Edge" will give you the framework and step by step systems to unlock your performance and your students' performance like no other.

We cover selection, mounting, and technique, but the most powerful aspects of the training are how to use brain science to quickly assess and help shooters that no other instructor has been able to help.

What's included?  

To start out, the training package includes the live, online Red Dot Mastery class that I’m teaching at least once a quarter in 2024. It’s a 3 evening,

$197 class.

Roughly just over 120 instructors have gone through this training and their results (as shooters and as instructors) have been amazing.

Sue said,

“Be prepared to hear a lot of brainy stuff that influences you being able to pick up the dot without actually ever having a pistol in your hands.”

Brandon said,

“Using vision drills and proper presentation of the firearm to help learn a red dot optic is so much easier and less frustrating than learning by fishing for the dot.”

Linda said,

“This class and book are well worth the investment of your time and money! I plan to take the class a second time 👊🏻”

Michael said,

"I've been through several of the top red dot instructor classes and nobody is teaching anything close to this. It's just not available, but it makes so much sense. What you're doing is incredibly powerful."

Mark said,

"I'm getting results with instructors and students that I haven't seen in 30 years of instructing. You're doing the Lord's work."

One student was so excited at the start of the 2nd class because he’d gone to the range the day before, did what I taught the 1st class, and was on target faster and easier than ever before.  Listen to him share his story here followed by an instructor's success story...

The feedback I've received from shooters & instructors going through the training is that each night of the class is equivalent to a day of an in-person class.  That's why we spread it out over 3 nights and give you access to the recordings.

You’re invited to attend (and re-attend) live as many times as you want in 2024 instead of having to pay to re-attend.

The next cohort starts the week of May 6th. We’ll be meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon/evening for 1.5 hours each class. I'll be teaching the class live at least once in Q2, Q3 and Q4.

You won’t have to wait until then…you’ll get INSTANT access to the recordings of the past classes that you can watch, rewind, listen to at 2x speed, or listen to in your car. (The content improves each time, but the recordings of #4 are the best so far) These, on their own, are a $97 value.

You’ll get access to the slide decks from the classes. I’ve had people tell me that these were worth the price of the class on their own and several instructors are using graphics from the slides in their classes.

Second: You’ll receive access to the soon-to-be-released “Red Dot Mastery” follow-along course.

This skips past why things works and goes straight to the follow-along at home dry fire video drills that you can do to improve as quickly as possible and help your students do the same. This course will be $97 and is on track to be released in Q2.

Third: You’ll receive your own signed paperback copy of the best selling book, “Red Dot Mastery.”

Shannon has also been through the live training.  Shannon shared that she recently ran a class of shooters through the 5-yard-roundup, did 5-10 minutes of the "Eye-Brain Edge" drills you'll be learning, and ran them through the test again.  They saw a 20%-30% improvement in speed & accuracy from the vision drills!

Normally, that kind of improvement is what you'd expect at the end of a 2-3 day class...she helped her class see it in less than 10 minutes with the "Eye-Brain Edge" Drills you'll learn.

George Harris
Co-Founder of the world famous Sig Sauer Academy
30+ year world-recognized firearms instructor
Best selling firearms training author

The book is a standalone summary of the course…you could look at it as the textbook and easy reference for what you'll learn in the live training. It’s $27 on Amazon and not available signed.

Fourth: You’ll receive a digital copy of “Red Dot Mastery” that you can install on any device…not just Kindle. The Kindle version is $19 on Amazon.

Fifth: Red Dot Drill Cards. These are a perfect pocket-sized companion for the live training, course and book, with drills and cheats from the training that you’re likely to forget. These are not available for purchase on their own yet, but will be $17 when they are.

Sixth: Access to the live “Trainer’s Round Table” monthly online sessions. In these live, monthly sessions, I’ll do a case study of how I or one of the instructors I’ve trained was able to take a struggling shooter that nobody else could help and getting them success…fast! These are $47-$97 apiece, depending on the topic covered.

Seventh: A limited “Red Dot Mastery” challenge coin/chip. These are not available for purchase at any price.

Combined, that’s a $773 value, but as a USCCA Instructor, you can get the entire package today for only $147.  That's an 80% savings!

Send Me Your Address...

And I'll send you instant access to the recordings from the last class,
instant access to the digital copy of the book,
and then I'll sign and rush you your book, cards, and other bonuses and see you LIVE! in the class 🙂 

Why Are You Doing This?

Great question.  The short answer is that I may not be able to afford to do it for long.  But there are 2 big reasons why we're practically giving this life saving information away...

First, this Eye-Brain Edge training gives shooters a training structure that is a quantum leap beyond how traditional firearms training is done.  We are living in a critical time where good people KNOW they need to build self-defense shooting skills quickly, but don't have time to train as much as traditional methods require.  Eye-Brain Edge is the answer, and I want to get it into the hands of as many responsibly armed Americans as possible, as quickly as possible.

Second, consider it an ethical bribe.  I know that when people see and experience the tremendous value in this training, that they'll want to sign up for our other in-person training, as well as speaking and consulting.  I can afford to give away great information so inexpensively on the front end because I know it will attract the high quality students and clients who I want to work with.  It's a win-win.

So, go ahead and take action now by clicking the green button below:

Who have you trained with?

On the firearms training side, I’ve done -Formal firearms training with Randy Watt (19th Special Forces Group, Ogden PD Chief, Gunsite), BrandonMichael Davis (Force Recon), Horst Ritter (Australian SAS), John Farnam, Tom Givens, Matt Seibert (former Gunsite General Manager and neuro-shooting pioneer with Insight Firearms Training), William Aprill, Ethan Mac Andrews, Ed Santos, Larry Yatch (Team 3 SEAL), Beau Dobozynski (, Simunitions co-founder and Reality Based Training Association founder, Ken Murray, UTM Level II Mil/LE certification, Force Science, and more. I have done formal live firearms training with top instructors an average of once or twice a year across the country for the last 2 decades in addition to informal training with several elite special operations and special mission unit members.

On the neurology side, I've received formal training & certifications from Wharton, Next Level Neuro, Z-Health, Sports Vision Pros, and more.

How do I watch the presentation from the USCCA Expo?

It's available for free at

I'm interested in consulting for my department/unit/business.

I have worked with elite military and law enforcement special operations programs to solve problems that everyone had decided were "impossible" as well as showing entrepreneurs and executives from large corporations how to use neurology to eliminate pain and increase their performance and the performance of their key employees.

Every one of these is completely custom for the individual/organization.  You can tell me the high level situation by clicking here: and filling out the contact form.  

I have other questions.  How do I contact you?

You can contact me through the form here: or by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page which will take you to the same page.

Can I start with just the book?

Absolutely!  The book is included with the training but you can get it on its own at

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