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I'd like to send you 50+ of the most innovative, fun, and effective pistol mounted optic drills and training cheats that exist today...

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"They're like getting the cheat sheets to a $500 red dot class!"

You Already KNOW You Should Do Dry Fire Drills With Your
Pistol Mounted Optic...
This is How To Make It "Not Suck"
And Build More Skill In Less Time Than What's Possible With Any Other Set Of Red Dot Drills!

From: Mike Ox  Post Falls Idaho

Red (and green, gold, and blue) dot optics on pistols have taken the shooting world by storm and have gotten to the place where they're small enough, tough enough, and reliable enough to use for duty and daily carry.

But when they finally press the trigger, they quickly find that the red dot requires a more precise presentation than most shooters have ever used.

And the result is weeks or months of frustration, trying to 'find the dot' and getting confident enough to use it for self-defense.

People tell them to "just keep practicing" and "put in the reps" and they'll eventually get it.

What if There Was A Better Way?
A Smarter Way...
To Find The Dot
Every Single Time?

A few years ago, I set a big goal for myself...

I was hearing and seeing how awesome pistol mounted optics were, but also hearing horror stories of how hard it was to make the switch...oftentimes taking weeks or months. 

Hundreds and thousands of reps, just to find the dot consistently.

I wanted to make the switch from irons to a dot in a single rep.

And to be able to effortlessly switch back and forth between pistols with irons and pistols with dots.

I wanted to be able to practice with irons and confidently carry and shoot a dot...or practice with a dot and confidently carry irons.

And I wanted total confidence in my ability to put effective rounds on target if my dot stopped working...for whatever reason.

Everyone said it was impossible, but...

We've cracked the code on
how to 'find the dot' FAST!
(Oftentimes in a single rep)

How is that even possible?

Watch and listen here as a student shares their success story and I explain why it works so darn well...

This deck of drills will show you exactly how they achieved that success
and--maybe--how you can too
You'll learn...

The #1 secret for finding the dot FAST

You can use brute force and do 100s or 1000s of reps OR you can use my simple, quick process and be dialed in in a few minutes.

A one-shot process to switch from irons to red dot 

While others are struggling for weeks or months to make the switch, you can do it in a single shot.
(This has caused some to bristle and call "B.S."...until they actually read the book and see how.)

How to have your iron sight practice transfer to red dots

We want a technique that will let us practice on either irons or a red dot AND have that practice transfer over to performing with either irons or a red dot.

What to do when you can't find the dot?

You'll learn how to quickly make effective hits when you can't find your dot, when your window's blocked, or if your dot breaks or completely flies off of your gun!  (Hint:  the answer is NOT tall suppressor sights that block half of the window)

Secrets of Mounting So Your Dot Works When You Need It Most

We're a few decades into this whole "red dots on pistols" experiment and we've learned how to make them reliable...but the internet is still full of fuddlore and really bad advice that people claim is "good enough" but will just create frustration and heartache.  We cut through the bull with a knife and give you the proven methods of mounting your optic when failure's not an option.

Who Created The Cards?

They come from the best selling book, Red Dot Mastery, which was written by Mike (Ox) Ochsner, Marcus Custer, and Erick Gelhaus.

My name is Mike (Ox) Ochsner, and I'm the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards, Real World Gunfight Training, and  I use neurology to help  shooters build more skill--and more resilient skill--in less time than what's possible with traditional firearms training

I'm a master level IDPA shooter with a subcompact Glock 26, a Rangemaster & NRA instructor, a UTM and RBTA Mil/LE force-on-force master instructor, a Force Science Institute Analyst of human factors in lethal force encounters, and a student of performance neurology.

Put all of that together, and it's why I'm known as "The Mad Scientist" of firearms training.

Marcus Custer served in the US Army Special Forces before becoming a US Customs Service Special Agent and Homeland Security Investigations Criminal Investigator.  He currently runs Law Enforcement Options, LLC, which trains firearms instructors from coast to coast and is a master instructor for NLEFIA.

Erick Gelhaus from is a US Army veteran with 3 decades of law enforcement experience, finishing his LE career as a supervisor of the firearms training program for a large CA sheriff's office.  He is a Gunsite rangemaster and is the developer of Gunsite's optics program.

Here's the scoop...

I've been selling these since January, but not on their own.  They've only been available in combination with the Red Dot Mastery Book, Red Dot Mastery LIVE! Online classes, or my Vision Training for Firearms Instructors program.  70% of Red Dot Mastery buyers have ordered the cards, which meant we haven't had enough in inventory to sell them on their own until now...and possibly for only a short time.

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I'd like to rush you a set of Red Dot Drill Cards!

Feedback on the book that the
drills/training/cards come from:

"I am an iron sight shooter from Day One, and I am fortunate that my eyesight is still good. Everyone else was jumping on the red dot bandwagon, so I decided to try it.

I am one of the people who had prolonged difficulty making the switch. It got to the point that I converted 3 of 4 guns back to irons because of my frustration.

I saw your FB ad many times on my feed, and just scrolled past it. When I made the decision to go back to irons, I told myself that I should at least read the ad. The excerpts looked interesting and the price was unbelievable. I ordered the book.

In the first 3 chapters, it changed my opinion of red dots. In those early chapters, I learned why I couldn't find the dot. I ran to the gun safe and grabbed the one handgun, a Walther PPQ Q5 that still had the Holosun mounted. Just a little dry fire proved that the advice in the beginning of your book was going to set me on a path to "red dot mastery". 

I was so concerned about finding the dot, that I was ignoring one of the basic defensive fundamentals - keep your eyes on the threat. I was looking at the back of the Holosun, in an attempt to find the dot before the gun was lined up with the target. When I never took my eyes off the target, and brought the gun up to my line of sight, half the battle was over. After just a short time, I was finding the dot quickly.

This is the most amazing book I have ever read related to shooting. Just the list of credits in the intro is impressive. It's a little too technical for me, and I need to reread some parts a number of times, but it has helped this 30+ year shooter learn to shoot with a red dot."

-James in New York (30+ year shooter & instructor)

Send Me Your Address...

And I'll send you your copy of Red Dot Drill Cards!

Why Are You Doing This?

Great question.  The short answer is that I may not be able to afford to do it for long.  But there are 2 big reasons why we're practically giving this life saving information away...

First, the training on these cards gives shooters a training structure that is a quantum leap beyond how traditional firearms training is done.  We are living in a critical time where good people KNOW they need to build self-defense shooting skills quickly, but don't have time to train as much as traditional methods require.  These cards are the answer, and I want to get them into the hands of as many responsibly armed Americans as possible, as quickly as possible.

Second, consider it an ethical bribe.  I know that when people see and experience the tremendous value in these drills, that they'll want to sign up for the live version of the training, our other in-person training, as well as speaking and consulting.  I can afford to give away great information on the front end because I know it will attract the high quality students and clients who I want to work with.  It's a win-win.

So, go ahead and take action now by clicking the green button below:

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