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Chapter 5:  Vision Issues & Dots

Links & Video

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(17) The Cyclopean Eye vs. the Sighting-Dominant Eye as the Center of Visual Direction https://Doi.Org/10.3758/BF03206224

Who Wrote The Book?

My name is Mike (Ox) Ochsner, and I'm the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards, Real World Gunfight Training, and  I use neurology to help  shooters build more skill--and more resilient skill--in less time than what's possible with traditional firearms training

I'm a master level IDPA shooter with a subcompact Glock 26, a Rangemaster & NRA instructor, a UTM and RBTA Mil/LE force-on-force master instructor, a Force Science Institute Analyst of human factors in lethal force encounters, and a student of performance neurology.

Put all of that together, and it's why I'm known as "The Mad Scientist" of firearms training.

This book was my crazy idea, and I've got the neurology part dialed in, but my wife/editor and co-authors are the reason why it's as good as it is.  Marcus and Erick bring years of real world experience that I don't have and years of high volume red-dot instruction that I'll never catch up to.

Marcus Custer served in the US Army Special Forces before becoming a US Customs Service Special Agent and Homeland Security Investigations Criminal Investigator.  He currently runs Law Enforcement Options, LLC, which trains firearms instructors from coast to coast.

Erick Gelhaus from is a US Army veteran with 3 decades of law enforcement experience, finishing his LE career as a supervisor of the firearms training program for a large CA sheriff's office.  He is a Gunsite rangemaster and is the developer of Gunsite's optics program.

Other courses, products and training created and/or produced by Ox:
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What kind of results should you be looking for over the next couple of chapters?

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